About Us

About Us

About Us

Chaise Management Group (CMG) is an industry-edge, leading firm in management consulting and professional services delivering sustaining business solutions to government, commercial and non-profit enterprise sectors. The CMG team, and its strategic alliances, consists of professionals with extensive management and technical experience across a wide range of disciplines. We provide specialized expertise and customized approaches to business process management, strategic planning, organization, design, leadership, development and diversity.

Our broad experience and training enables us to provide businesses with supportive services that include program management, conference management, strategic organizational development and much more. Not only are we able to assist governmental or commercial organizations within any industry, but our services can easily and quickly be scaled to meet changing project needs as the business expands or experiences any other transition.

When you choose CMG, you’re choosing a partner in success. Our goal is to create innovative and effective solutions for all of your business needs. By creating long-lasting, sustainable relationships with our client and partners, we create the best possible management solutions for them and their needs. You want to be the best in your field, and we have the management and organizational tools to make that happen.


To be innovative, strategic, and collaborative while demonstrating our commitment and ability to deliver the highest level of professional management services, providing measurable value and producing superior operating results.


Our corporate responsibility is to positively impact our employees, clients, teaming partners and the business industry through innovative and responsible practices and activities. These practices and activities give our employees and clients an opportunity to maximize their professional potential through creative problem solving and the implementation of cutting edge business practices and solutions. We strive to forge long lasting partnerships and foster an environment of success based on sound business principles.


While we pride ourselves on developing long, trusting and supportive relationships with our clients, we are also dedicated to implementing sustainable business solutions and practices. We want our clients to benefit from the most efficient and enduring systems and processes possible.


Relationship Building and Culture – understanding and valuing people first
Client Priority and Engagement – focusing on and involving our clients from the onset
Collaboration and Innovation – fully embracing the power of disruptive possibilities
Efficiency and Scalability – implementing seamless and repeatable solutions
Measurability and Process Improvement – assessing what’s working and increase results
Leadership and Growth – leading first to serve and creating new experiences